Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fruits of the World Exhibit in Mexico

I'm very excited to announce a new exhibit opening tomorrow (October 25th) at the Centro Cultural Antiquo Colegio de Jesuita in Patzcuaro, Mexico. The show, called Fruits of the World, includes woodcut prints, drypoint etchings, watercolor and other mixed media pieces as well as a selection of tapestries created through a collaboration with Mexican weavers.

I currently have a studio in Patzcuaro, Michoacán, Mexico but I first visited the area on vacation in 2009. I returned to the Jesuit Cultural Center through a grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission to hold a printmaking workshop.

The new exhibit will include many of the prints created at the workshop, including "La Frontera," a work whose title means the border and explores the cultural, social, and political issues surrounding the border between Mexico and the United States.

The Fruits of the World exhibit also includes a series of hand-woven, custom-dyed woolen tapestries. The imagery depicted in the weavings is mine, but the execution of the designs has been undertaken by local area master weavers.

As an artist and inventor of images created in diverse mediums, I constantly seek collaborators and defer to other's skills and different levels of interpretation of my images. I encouraged the weavers to take liberties with aspects of the imagery and color, so this process became a collaboration between us.

It is not merely a reproduction of the images I drew, but an interpretation of them in wool; grown, dyed and woven in Michoacán, Mexico.

I requested that the weavers sign their creations alongside my own signature, something they had never been given the opportunity to do. I plan to honor their contribution at the exhibit when the tapestries are on display for the first time.

To see the brochure for this exhibit, please click here.

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